Brizy Pro 0.0.18: Custom CSS & Facebook Elements

We’ve just added Custom CSS options and 4 Facebook elements.

This is yet another important step to strengthen the power of Brizy Pro and to allow you to create amazing custom websites. We are one step closer to the official Brizy Pro launch.

More about on how we plan to launch the Pro plus a list of all the features we’ll add in the coming weeks/months can be found in this article

Here is what you’ll find in this article. Use the links below to jump to a specific section:  


Custom CSS

Facebook Elements

What’s next


Custom CSS

You can use the options in Brizy to stylise your website but if something is not quite how you want it, you can always take advantage of the new Custom CSS granted you know what you are doing :).

We’ve created two selectors that will let you create targeted custom CSS without the hassle of working out the DOM tree for the classes:

element {…} – will let you select the wrapper for the element you are adding CSS to

element .child-element {…} – will let you select any child in the element you are targeting if you know that child’s class. So for example if you have a text with the custom class funny, you can target that text from the parent (column) with the following selector element .funny {…}

We’ve added these selectors in the ? tooltip on the right side of the Custom CSS option. You can access the tooltip by hovering the ? icon.

Facebook Elements

Find the new Facebook elements in the sidebar under the Add New Element section.

facebook elements

Use these elements to connect your website with Facebook as follows:

Button – adds Facebook Share and Recommend buttons

facebook button

Comments – adds Facebook Comments on your page

Embed – lets you embed a post or a video from your facebook page

Page – displays a Facebook page

What’s next

We are currently working on a bunch of things, a lot of improvements for features that are already in Brizy but also new features that are a long time coming.

Here are a couple of things that we work on that we plan to launch in the near future: 

1. Keyboard shortcuts – A set of keyboard shortcuts that will considerably speed your way in working with Brizy. A long-awaited quality of life update. 

2. Right Click V2. – An improved version for the right click that will contain more options like copy paste style and a bunch of shortcuts for power users to do things a lot faster.

3. New Add Block Popup – The new improved popup for adding blocks.

4. Form V2. – improvements to Form that will include radio boxes and check boxes, SMTP settings, Recaptcha)


This is just the beginning, more cool features are coming to Brizy Pro in the following weeks. Please add any suggestions/issue you have on GitHub. Also, consider joining our Facebook community where we discuss all things Brizy every day.  

Until next time. 

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi is a detail-obsessed freak that has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.