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Smart & clutter free

Most page builders crowd all the options for a specific element in remote sidebars, making it hard to focus on the task at hand. We show only what's needed, front & center, close to the element you're editing.

Intuitive Drag & Drop

Moving content elements, columns or rows is a breeze with our intuitive Drag & Drop feature. Just grab and drag them to the desired position and everything will instantly fall into place.

Over 150 pre-made blocks

Blocks are pre-made designs that you can add to your page, ready to be customised. This will enable you to create the main structure of your page in a matter of minutes, while also ensuring that it looks awesome.

Global styling

Ever wanted to change all the similar colors in your web page with a single click? With Brizy, you can! Not only that, but you can change all texts that share the same properties in one go, as well.

Mobile Friendly

Switch instantly to Mobile View mode, where you can make changes that will only apply to this type of devices. This gives you the power to differentiate your page design and optimize for smaller screens.

Undo / Redo

Don't worry if you make a mistake or delete something that you shouldn't have. With Undo you can get everything back.


The progress you're making while building your page is always backed up locally in real time, so you'll never lose your work.

Design Elements

Text, buttons, images, icons, video, maps and many more are ready to help you create your page design in a snap.

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Smart text editor

Just click and type to edit all the texts in-place. Changing colors, fonts, alignments right there on the spot allows you to have a perfect representation of how the design will look like in the end.

Images done right

Take full control over your website images by harnessing our powerful and easy-to-use options. Upload, focus, zoom and resize are all done effortlessly, in a matter of seconds.

Over 4000 icons included

Available in both Outline and Glyph versions, even the most demanding icon needs are covered. Quickly find the icons you're after by filtering through categories or searching by keywords.

Resize columns

Resize columns by dragging the handle that appears in between, with percentage values displayed up top. The content inside will automatically adapt to the new size.

Content adjustments

Just a couple of clicks are needed to make content adjustments in width, height and alignment. All done with intuitive options, placed where they should be.

Paddings & margins

Set the padding and margins with ease by adjusting the sliders found in our advanced styling sidebar.

Video backgrounds

Set a video as background for your blocks by entering a YouTube or Vimeo link, enable Loop and you're done.

Reorder blocks

What if you want to change the order of your blocks? Just open the Reorder sidebar and drag & drop to reposition.

Brizy is free and works with every WordPress theme in the world

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