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Some of the main features we plan for Brizy Pro:

Dynamic Content
Premium Designs
Headers & Footers
3rd-party Integration
Pop-up Builder
Role Manager
Advanced Forms
A/B Testing

The features above are just a few extended functionalities that will be included with your Brizy Pro purchase. We have a long list of Pro features in the works that all subscribers will have access to, as soon as we launch them.

Dynamic Content

Customise the dynamic parts of WordPress websites with the same ease-of-use that Brizy has pioneered. As we advance in the development cycle, we plan a deep integration with tools like Pods, ACF & Toolset..

Premium Designs

Give your website a great beginning with our premium pages and themes. You might want to begin with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start with a beautiful pre-designed template.

Headers and Footers

Beside the basic headers & footers that you can create with Brizy Free, the PRO version comes with the advanced features you would expect: sticky header, pre-made designs and more.

3rd Party Integrations

Use premium fonts from your Typekit account, integration with mailing platforms like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, add gorgeous images from Unsplash, etc. These 3rd party integrations will enhance the functionalities of your website, without adding unnecessary complexity.

Pop Up Builder

Design pop-up banners, call-to-action windows and so much more with our powerful module, especially designed for marketers and agencies. No need to learn anything new, it’s all done with the tools you already know and love from our page editor.

Role Manager

The Manager Role allows you to limit what your clients will be able to edit. This safety net will prevent your clients from interfering with the structure & the design of the page.

Advanced Forms

Brizy Free already comes with a perfectly usable contact form, but we’ve saved the most powerful features and the best ideas for the Pro version.

AB Testing

Using the A/B split testing you’ll be able experiment with two or more variants of a page for a better conversion. 

White Label

You’ll be able to brand Brizy with your own company logo and name. All backend & front end references will be removed.


Brizy is multisite compatible, but you can not use it to create a WaaS / SaaS cloud based service for your clients.

Get the Lifetime Deal

Buy now and get it when we launch the Pro version! 

The Pro Lifetime license offered now will no longer be available at launch. 

Brizy Lifetime*

Pay once, no recurring fees

All PRO features included for life

Priority Livechat Support

Unlimited websites use

Lifetime Updates 

White Label 

*30 days money back guaranteed 

(counted from the launch of the Pro)

* Limited time offer: the Lifetime plan is offered exclusively with this pre-sale and will not be available after the launch of Brizy Pro.

Buy now. Get it soon. Enjoy for life! 

Frequent Questions

When will the Pro version launch?

We plan to start the release of the Pro version by the end of September. The Pro will be launched in bunch of updates spread over the next months. More about how this will happen and a detailed plan about it can be found  in this article .

What will the pricing be after launch?

The Lifetime plan available with the pre-sale will no longer be available. Instead, we will be offering yearly recurring plans, with prices depending on the number of website uses and features included.

What features will be ready at launch and what will be the expected updates cycle?

We plan to include as many of the features detailed in this page when the Pro version launches. There will be some features that need more time to bake, which will be released further down the road. The updates cycle will continue to be very frequent, as it currently is with the free version. See the public roadmap  here .

Does this pre-sale have a money-back guaranteed policy?

Sure! We have a 30 days money-back guaranteed policy, which will be counted from the moment we remove the Lifetime deal and transition to a yearly recurring business model. This will happen later this year as soon as Pro will be more flashed out.

Can i use it to build sites for clients?

Of-course, this is the exact purpose of this plan, giving you freedom to create unlimited websites for clients or for your own ventures.

How many design templates will be available at launch?

We are aiming to include over 30 page or theme designs at first, and rapidly growing the collection in the following months. The designs will have a wide range of styles and structures, catering to really diverse needs.

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