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Theme Author Program

In our continuous effort to make Brizy even more popular, we are introducing the Theme Authors Program which will enable you to use Brizy PRO when designing and creating content for the themes you sell. 


As you all know, the Free version is already available for use in any theme built by authors, but the premium features included with the PRO version would only be available to users who purchased it individually. But this is about to change now…

Currently, there is no modern visual builder on the market that allows developers to include their PRO version with the theme install, by default. But with our Theme Author Program we plan to make it very easy and affordable for you, as a designer or developer, to do exactly that: give users the full-experience, with no limitations or add-on purchases required.

How will it work?

  • You can include the PRO version of Brizy with your themes (except the premium page designs)
  • Your clients will get lifetime updates (directly in the WP Admin) with no recurring fees;
  • You pay $199/theme of the theme, includes unlimited theme sales;
  • You offer support for your clients, but address the bugs to us. 
  •  We develop and update the PRO plugin so you can save time & money; 
  • We offer bug fixes, while also adding new feature based on your requests; 
  • We handle the updates and licensing infrastructure for your clients;
  • We’ve created an optimised Brizy Scratch Theme to help you kickstart your commercial theme;
  • We have set up a dedicated Facebook group where we you can connect with fellow theme authors.

This is a beta program and is currently a working proposition. Nothing is set in stone and everything is up for discussion.

Help us shape the Theme Author Program

This is an open invitation to join our Facebook Group where we can discuss and assess: your interest, ideas, pricing, affiliate commissions and everything related to the Author Program. So, if you’re an author interested in including Brizy PRO with your themes, please join our discussions group:

Frequent Questions

Are there restrictions in the Brizy Pro version we’ll include with our theme?

You will get all the tools and features included in Brizy Pro, except the premium designed pages. The commercial theme you are creating with the Pro needs to come with your premium design.

Will my clients pay anything further down the line?

Your clients will get lifetime updates for the Brizy Pro license they’ll activate with your theme. They could pay a Brizy Pro license on our website to unlock the premium page designs but we will not enforce that in any way. 

What if I sell my theme with unlimited website uses?

The Brizy Pro license you include with your theme is for a single website use. Your client will need an unlimited Brizy Pro license (purchased from our website) in order to pair it with your unlimited website pack in order to work. 

Who will handle the support? 

The support for your clients is your responsibility, however, any bugs or Brizy related issues will be handled by us. You can also send us feature requests that we’ll consider adding.

Who sets the price of the theme? 

You, we don’t impose a minimum theme price. We do however impose a minimum license fee of $5 per sale, no matter the theme’s price. 

Where can I sell the theme?

You can sell the theme anywhere you like: on theme marketplaces like ThemeForest and Mojo or your own website. 

How much is the commission and how will I pay for the Brizy licenses? 

You’ll pay 10-15% of the theme’s price for each sale based on the number of sales, with a minimum license fee of $5.


Your clients will generate and validate the Brizy Pro license through our licensing system directly in their WordPress admin. We track and count those licenses in your Author Account on You’ll pay them once per month. 

How will the update process work? 

Your clients will update their Brizy Pro plugin directly from their WordPress admin, the way they usually do from the WordPress update page. All happens automatically from our servers to their admins, you (the author) don’t have to do anything.